March 02, 2013

the story about my class :D

 I was called by miss endang, and she said to me about my English lesson. Yeah, I forgot confirm about my myself because I’m so busy. I want to skip my lesson in this month because I’m so many jobs know. Actually I so sad, i feel so comfortable with my class, my teacher, and my friends.  And if I continue next month maybe I will get new friends but not like friends that I have in my class right know. L ..

I enjoy my lesson, but my job make me skip my lesson for a while. O ya maybe I will talking about my friends and my teacher  in my English course. Yeahhh it’s a good idea.. :D I have nine friends in my class..let’s we “gunjingkan” them.. :D  *by the way I miss them so much.. L

Oyah before I talking about my teacher and my friends i want to talking about my class, my class so cold every day, so we always request to miss Intan to put down the temperature.  there are some pictures on the wall, there is o’clock on the wall, there is a big whiteboard with some felt-tip marker oyah the eraser too. My class have two speakers and some chairs with table for learning.

First my teacher, miss Kiki, I’m so glad she learn me because she so clever, knowledgeable , cheerful, and so funny.  She were engaged with Italian. Yeahh the lucky man I think.. :D .. oyah I always chat with her when I have trouble with some sentences that I don’t know or some slang in English. Oh my god what a good teacher.. :D

 Next Irfan, he is sit at my left side, he is my junior when I was study in Politeknik Caltex Riau. He is thin and always use black clothes. He wearing t-shirt, jeans, and shabby sneaker. Sometimes he is wearing jacket with jumper :D

Koko Erwan sit at my right side, he is a branch manager of Piaggio, sounds cool right? :D . In my opinion he is good as sales and buyer. He always request low price if him become buyer and give high price if him become sales. He is a good man but sometimes he make me fed up because koko Erwan always request low price -_____-.

Beside bachdim *sometime we call irfan like that :D there is Nugra, he is a football player and sometimes become illegal motorcycle rider yeahhh he said like that to me..  :D but I think Nugra just kidding.

There is Virdi, she working at some Government, I’m forgot what is government exactly. I think she is clever same like Asri. and good women, she is so cheerful too. But she always coming late :D maybe she so dedicated with her job.. :D

Asrina, but we call her Asri. She is the most clever student in my class and so beautiful too :D . Astri is a powerful person, nice and like smiling to others.. :D she is the most for everything in my class.

After that I have Rita and Okto, why am I write that people in one paragraph? Because they are like couple. Always together anywhere anytime :D. Okto is a good and cool man in my class, he is so nice. Rita  nice too.. :D

The last miss vony, she is a silent person. Just sit, write and go home. Sometimes she join conversation with us. She is a good person but she is so silent. I don’t know why but the important thing she so nice :D

Okey that all my friends in my class, I’m so grateful because I have new friends and they are so nice.  Maybe sometimes we must hang out together..they  are a unique person. :D maybe I willtalking about them later, in my next paper.. :D see yaaa…

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